11 May 2012

Oliver Stone and wrapping up the Camel Club

Thriller | David Baldacci
David Baldacci's Divine Justice is the third in the series featuring Oliver Stone and the Camel Club. Oliver Stone is an ex-government assassin (ha, only in America!) who, in the first two books, saves the USA with his friends in the Camel Club, an assorted group of people, including a wimpy librarian, an ex-army guy, a computer whiz and a serving Secret Service guy.

In this book, Stone is on the run, after having killed two villains. The Camel Club tries to help him, but does not succeed. He finds his way to the town of Divine, where rich widows rub shoulders with hopeless miners, and weird things start happening. Stone gets embroiled in the fights of new friends in Divine. Suddenly, the whole evil mess starts showing its true colours. Enemies become friends, friends become enemies.

Fast reading, enjoyable, but time to stop the Oliver Stone/Camel Club series--it's a bit of a comedown that the country was not saved in book three. Kidding; you can't be expected to save the world, or even the USA, every alternate Wednesday, can you?

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