11 May 2012

Race to save the accused?

Thriller | John Lescroat 

A Certain Justice by John Lescroat is a fast-paced story. (You can read the first chapter here, and get a good flavour of the speed of the book: www.johnlescroart.com/books/a-certain-justice/a-certain-justice/),

A black criminal murders a white man and is let off for lack of evidence. The white man's friends then lynch a black lawyer who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Kevin Shea tries to save the lawyer, but fails. When he wakes up the next morning, a photograph taken of the riot shows him clearly, and he finds to his horror that he is the prime suspect. The DA, the mayor, the Senator, other politicians, everyone is against Kevin. Abe Glitsky, the detective, just wants the truth. With enough twists and turns, and some solid characters you can care about, this is one suspense/thriller/detective story that is very satisfying. And works as a reminder that what seems open and closed, particularly in the days of instant television, can often be far from reality. There is revenge, mistrust, trust, schadenfreude, redemption, and love, unrequited and requited. Nicely packaged, and has a happy ending*.

Recommended reading.

The picture is similar to the cover of the 1996 paperback I read.

* l insist on happy endings. :)

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