10 June 2012

What if you could solve the world's problems?

Science Fiction | David Grigg

David Grigg is an author I first came across on Bliss Morgan's writing prompts Google+ page, Days of Grey, I think. He wrote every single day on the picture prompts. The quality of the flash fiction was between very good and excellent. (Much of that is collected in a book, A Torrent of Story).

I've just downloaded and read his latest novelette, A Twist of Fate, from Amazon. Like his other stories that I've been lucky enough to read, this is very well-crafted, and takes a subtle look at society and science. An ethical question in dimsum-sized meals.

(I also love the cover, and, yes, it does relate to the story, and is not a random cool image to attract science fiction readers).

Strongly recommended!

What are you waiting for? It's free for a few more hours (at the time of posting; no longer)! Return on investment = infinity.

Some of his other stories are also on Amazon and on The Narratorium. Go right ahead and pile in.

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