31 July 2019

Shoot the humans first, and why

Science Fiction | Shoot the Humans First | Becky Black

What starts off as the story of an infantry sergeant realising that the allies are likely to blame the two surviving humans and kill them, and grabbing the opportunity to escape, slowly grows in scope. It starts (only starts, mind you) with treachery on a global scale and redemption on the micro scale. Deftly interwoven scenes build up background, of a species specialising in its USP, warriors for profit. The story remains grounded in the narrator's experience, with wry humour of the type: “No point in wasting time. I started to hate him immediately.”

And yet, it raises profound questions. This is no popcorn story where you can park your brain and heart and read. It's a full meal, though without dessert or salad.

Get it here (still free).

I'm off to read its sequel, The Battle of Hollow Jimmy.