29 July 2012

Prequels and sequels: a correction

Science fiction | Vernor Vinge.

Thanks to Glenn Costello (many thanks!), I correct an error in the last few posts.

It turns out that my favourite in the series, A Fire Upon the Deep, Children of the Sky, and A Deepness in the Sky, which is Deepness, was actually written last, and is a prequel. The other books are not, as I thought, sequels.

So read them in the order above, and you'll be happier. Vinge's writing in Deepness is an order of magnitude tauter than in the previous books. I liked them in this order: Deepness best, followed by Fire and last, Children. Strangely enough, that's the order I read them in, too. But that's just coincidence.

A thought now strikes me: I guess we may, after all, find out what happened to Sherkaner Underhill.

Happiness in sheer anticipation!

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