19 July 2017

Video games and time travel

Science fiction | Manhunt How Long Can You Run
By Colin D Grimes

I can't explain exactly what about this story I found chilling, but that's the word for a one-word review.

Rich kids use time travel to be hunted in the past. Justin has the current record, but he wants to break it. Again and again. Yes, certainly sounds like a spoilt brat playing yet another immersive video game.

Except that this time travel game can get you killed. So does he survive? And for how long? What happens at 'game over'?

The description is remarkably tongue-in-cheek, once you've read the story. ;)

Recommended for a quick read. A couple of grammar errors need to be fixed, but let's not cavil too much.

This short story is free on smashwords till 31 July 2017. 

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