27 November 2017

Short, crisp horror

Horror | A Dozen Nightmares | Angel Wedge

Angel Wedge creates atmosphere and terror in the fewest words and the crispest sentences.

From everyday horrors like murderers to fantasy and sf horror to Lovecraftian stories that scare you by what they don't tell you, you can find every type in this short story collection. It starts with a bang, tears through different settings, urban and rural, reworks old concepts and startles with new ones, and ends with as big a bang.

If you like Lovecraft, Wedge is better, more modern. If you like Stephen King, Wedge is less wordy yet spares nothing. If you like Ray Bradbury horror stories, Wedge is crisper and comes to the point with speed and despatch.

Some of these tales are going to haunt me long years from now with their gentle telling of creepiest evils, heartless loves and fringe organisations.

Read and enjoy! Worth every penny. 

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