29 January 2019

Single-handedly taking on the aliens, with trusty AI sidekick in tow.

The Phantom Fleet Julien Boyer

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (I really liked it and recommend it!)

This is a cute piece of space opera, fast paced, with humour and a sly take on all kinds of tropes. The protagonist emerges as an... unexpected... person, very delightful. The trusty AI sidekick is well done, too. The end is deadpan not-so-happy-ending that made me laugh.

I was fully prepared to roll my eyes at laser beams lighting up the interstellar medium, spaceships that whiz between Mars, Earth and Moon within hours, but the author thankfully assures us these are artistic liberties. As long as there is no dodging between asteroids, I'm good.

Read it. It's fun.

Free on Smashwords.

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