17 February 2018

Horror at the North Pole, somewhere in frozen Greeenland

Horror | North Pole: A Horror Story | Edward Punales

This is the kind of story that makes you regret having liberally given 5 stars to other stories, and wish for the ability to give 6 stars. (And no, I have not lost my mind with the heading; I know that the 'real' North Pole is not in Greenland. But this heading is accurate. If you read the story, you will understand why and how).

An exceptional treatment solidly in the middle of the horror genre and What A Concept. Full marks for concept, language, editing, pace, build up, climax and post-climax, and ending. A classic piece of horror fiction.

A military doctor, recently bereaved and feeling a numbed apathy to life, agrees dutifully and promptly to a trip in advance of a snowstorm in Greenland, to respond to an SOS from a location where no research group, military base or civilian settlement has been known. All that is known to be around there are tales of UFOs spotted but not quite. The soldier and the doctor set off in their sturdy truck and reach a strange mansion, decayed and foreboding, where no mansion should be. Anything that I write further to this will be a spoiler, so all I will say is that the SOS-sender is also bereaved, but in a more sinister way. After disarming you charmingly, the story whips you back to horror, which grows slowly and relentlessly and does not spare you.

Awesome, Edward Punales, awesome! Worth every one of the 5 stars.

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